User AttributesΒΆ

If you build an app and use the authorization system of Fusio you might want to extend the default user table with additional columns i.e. first- and last name (by default the user table contains only the most basic fields: username, email and password). Fusio has a system called user attributes which let you easily add arbitrary attributes to each user account. Therefor you need to define the allowed attributes in the file configuration.php i.e.:

'fusio_user_attributes'   => [

Then it is possible to update the defined properties for each user by sending an PUT request to the /consumer/account endpoint. This changes the attributes of the current authenticated user.

  "email": "",
  "attributes": {
    "first_name": "Sebastian",
    "last_name": "Bach",

This allows you to build a complete custom user profile page which contains all fields for a user account which you need.