Fusio contains a JsonRPC endpoint at /export/jsonrpc which can be used to execute directly a specific method. The method name is identified by the “Operation-Id” of each route method. Through the endpoint it is possible to execute multiple methods within a single request.

In case your method needs authorization you need to add an authorization header i.e. Authorization: Bearer [token] to the RPC call.


The following code shows a simple example how to talk to the JsonRPC endpoint using a JsonRPC client


require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';

use Graze\GuzzleHttp\JsonRpc\Client;

$client = Client::factory('http://myapi.com/export/jsonrpc');

$responses = $client->sendAll([
    $client->request(1, 'my.operation.id', [
        'uriFragments'=> ['foo' => 'bar'],
        'parameters'=> ['foo' => 'bar'],
        'headers'=> ['foo' => 'bar'],
        'body'=> ['foo' => 'bar'],

foreach ($responses as $resp) {
    var_dump((string) $resp->getBody());