Request lifecycleΒΆ

To get a better understanding how Fusio works lets take a look at the following flow chart:


If a request arrives Fusio looks at the routes table to find the fitting route. The route has all information which request methods are allowed, how the request and response schema is and what action to execute. The schema is a specification of the request or response data in the JSONSchema format. It is not required to specify a schema for your endpoint but it is recommended since the documentation is based on the schema. If the request arrives at the action the business logic of the endpoint is executed. A action can use connections in order to connect to a remote service and execute a specific task. In case the route is protected the consumer has to authorize the request through OAuth2. Therefor he needs a consumer key and secret which he can obtain through an app. Each app has specific scopes assigned so that the app can only access the specific parts of the API.